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START's Community Resilience, Engagement and Dialogue (CRED) Fellows have launched a dinner dialogue program to discuss hate and extremism on UMD's campus in hopes of helping bolster community resilience.

START Researcher and UMD Professor of Psychology Dr. Arie Kruglanski talks about cognitive closure and what would make a Westerner want to join a violent jihadist group.

START researchers and students from across the country gathered to discuss current and recently completed research.

START Senior Researcher Steve Sin discusses the WannaCry Ransomware attack. 

START Senior Researcher Markus Binder provides a quick overview of chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria, as well as his perspective on the unfolding situation.

START Researcher Martha Crenshaw and START Director Gary LaFree highlighted some of the challenges facing counterterrorism policy makers during a lecture on their new book Countering Terrorism. Crenshaw and LaFree were joined by the National Counterterrorism Center’s Todd Veazie, a former Navy SEAL. This video features a few clips from the event.