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June Newsletter: Integrating mental health and education approaches into CVE; Students innovate against hate


Education and Training Director: The Education and Training Director will be responsible for overseeing START’s undergraduate, graduate, and experiential learning programs as well as professional training initiatives. The Director will be supported by an experienced Assistant Director who leads the training team and has background in program management, instructional design, and the creation of online educational products. The Director and Assistant Director will supervise and mentor four junior staff members who oversee day-to-day administration of undergraduate, graduate, experiential and training programs. The Education and Training Director is part of START’s executive leadership team and will work closely with other START center-wide directors in charting the future development of the center.

Apply by July 18.

Senior Program Manager: START Center Program Manager will be responsible for coordinating resource allocation across dozens of projects for the Center’s approximately 65 full-time employees and 20-30 hourly employees, supported by program and project managers within START’s individual research, education and training portfolios. The START Center typically has $13 million in research expenditures each year, across dozens of projects for multiple funders.

Apply by Aug. 2.


New online training: Integrating Mental Health and Education Approaches into CVE

START has launched "Integrating Mental Health and Education Approaches into CVE," a 2.75-hour self-paced course designed for U.S.-based learners to provide community-focused, rigorously researched, and academically-informed instruction on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). Targeted at the FEMA "awareness" training level, this FEMA-certified course is intended to provide instruction on how educators and mental health professionals may collaboratively address the multidimensional needs of individuals and communities contending with violent extremism. Learners will be able to identify areas of actual and potential synergy between the field of CVE and the fields of mental health and education. Read more and register.

Maryland Frame takes second place at ADL Collegiate Competition to Innovate Against Hate

A team of seven University of Maryland students took second place in the Anti-Defamation League’s inaugural “Innovate Against Hate” Campus Challenge. Maryland Frame is a social media initiative created to promote dialogue within communities to encourage justice, equality, and inclusion while empowering other students to create their own initiatives. Maryland Frame has specifically focused on helping the immigrant, international and undocumented students on UMD’s campus, while empowering the silent majority to reach out to these groups. Read more

Insurgencies as Networks of Event Orderings
Sociological Theory
Breiger, Ronald L., and Julia Grace Smith

Integrating Conflict Event Data
Journal of Conflict Resolution
Donnay, Karsten, and Eric T. Dunford, Erin C. McGrath

Fratricidal Jihadists: Why Islamists Keep Losing their Civil Wars
Middle East Policy
Hafez, Mohammed M.

How Human Boundaries Become State Borders: Radical Flanks and Territorial Control in the Modern Era
Comparative Politics
Krause, Peter, and Ehud Eiran

Keeping Hospitals Operating During Disasters Through Crisis Communication Preparedness
Public Relations Review
Liu, Brooke Fisher, and Brooke M. Fowler, Holly A. Roberts, Emina Herovic

Fall 2018 Internship: START offers unpaid internships year-round on a variety of research projects and teams. During the course of their internship, participants are exposed to the most up-to-date theories, methods and information related to the study of terrorism. Apply by July 1

Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis: START offers a fully online Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis through the University of Maryland's Graduate School. The program is delivered in a synchronous format using multiple online platforms provided by the University of Maryland, College Park. Apply by July 26.

July 12, 1 p.m.
State Department Information Session
Student Information Session by Justin Franklin

July 17, 2:30 p.m. 
When Lying Gets You Killed: Social Desirability Bias and Violent Extremism in the African Sahel
Lecture by John McCauley

August 1, 11 a.m.
A Regional Stabilizer or a Troublemaker?: A Role Theory Approach to Turkish Foreign Policy
Lecture by Max Erdemandi


New York Times: What is Terrorism? Attacks in Canada and Belgium Reflect Uncertain Definition
START Researcher Victor Asal is quoted in this New York Times article about the definition of terrorism. 

New Scientist: What makes a white nationalist?
Pete Simi is quoted extensively and featured in this New Scientist article about the origins of white nationalism. Simi’s START report “Recruitment and Radicalization among US Far-Right Terrorists” is cited. A subscription may be required to view.

Washington Post: Separating children from their parents isn’t just immoral. It also threatens our national security.
This Washington Post article about separating children and parents at the U.S. border cites research from Gary LaFree and Laura Dugan.

Omaha World-Herald: $92 million military contract extension is NU’s biggest research grant yet
Gina Ligon and her research are mentioned in this Omaha World-Herald article about the University of Nebraska system winning a $92 million, five-year contract with the military.

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