A consortium of researchers dedicated to improving the understanding of the human causes and consequences of terrorism

Juneteenth Statement from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)

START stands with those seeking to dismantle anti-Black and institutional racism. 

We are here to listen. We are here to learn. We are committed to putting those lessons into practice as we conduct research, teach and engage the professional security community.

START studies the violent expressions of racism, and those of any other ideology that advocates violence to bend society to its will. Our organizational mission does not end there, however. We exist to educate the next generation of national security professionals and researchers, and to inform national security policy and practice with the best that the behavioral and social sciences have to offer. Our job is not to withdraw. We must engage with the public servants and institutions who seek to protect Americans from threats, both foreign and domestic, even when those threats emerge from failures within those very same institutions. START’s commitment to you is that we will continue to engage and do so in a way that helps our institutions live up to the Constitutional values that our organization holds dear.

We believe START has fostered an inclusive culture that values diversity, but we can do more. On behalf of our organization and our students, we must ensure that we are not mistaking passive inclusivity for the intentional dismantling of institutional racism. START is here to listen. We are here to learn. We will draw upon the wisdom of our students, faculty, staff and community, many of whom confront these issues every day. We are committed to putting those lessons into practice going forward.


Bill Braniff

Director, START