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START Director attends Baltimore Speakers Series featuring former CIA Director John Brennan

Last month, START Director William Braniff was invited to attend a private reception and dinner with former CIA Director, John Brennan, at the Maryland Club.

This event was hosted by the Baltimore Speakers Series, and was followed by a public lecture by Brennan at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

At the public event, Director Brennan spoke to a range of current national security issues, from the protests in Iran to the war in Ukraine to domestic violent extremism. 

"It's always insightful to hear how a life-long national security hand interprets and articulates what is happening in real-time,” Braniff said. "The speed at which people like Director Brennan can arrive at meaningful insights is always impressive.”

For more information about the Baltimore Speakers Series, organized by Stevenson University, those interested can explore their website at https://baltimorespeakers.org.

John Brennan and William Braniff John Brennan and William Braniff