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START investigator commissioned to edit Routledge’s Major Works collection

ICSR Director Peter Neumann tabbed for his radicalization expertise

START investigator Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, has been commissioned by academic publisher Routledge to edit its forthcoming Major Works collection on radicalization. To be published in 2015, the collection will consist of four volumes centered on the radicalization topics including: models and theories; issues and debates; groups and places; and deradicalization.

Neumann is Professor of Security Studies at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, in addition to serving as director of ICSR, which he founded in early 2008. Neumann has co-authored and authored numerous books and peer-reviewed articles about terrorism and radicalization, especially ‘homegrown’ radicalization in Western countries. In addition, he has led research projects and written influential policy reports about issues such as online radicalization, prison-based de-radicalization programs, and terrorist recruitment in Europe.

For START, Neumann has served as a principal investigator on projects examining aspects of radicalization: Framing Global Salafi-Jihadist Messages in the West; and Islamic Radicalization in Europe and North America.