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START participates in RESOLVE 2019 Global Forum

William Braniff
Courtesy USIP

START Director William Braniff and START Researcher Laura Dugan gave featured presentations at the 2019 RESOLVE Global Forum, titled “Resetting Priorities to Address Violent Extremist Threats,” at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP). This annual forum brings together top scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to reflect on past efforts, explore prevailing myths, and discuss strategies to recalibrate the way forward in addressing violent extremism. The full-day public event featured a series of panel discussions and TED Talk-style presentations from leading experts, which aimed to reset priorities and understand the contemporary challenges to countering violent extremism.

RESOLVE’s mission is to provide insights into violent extremism around the world, elevate local voices and analysis, and increase connectivity between research, policy, and practice. The rise in violent extremism globally lends urgency to reflect on and highlight successful approaches, refocus research and practice, and find areas for collaboration.

Watch Braniff’s “CVE as a Grand Strategic Response to Terrorism

Watch Dugan’s “Methodologies and the media in CVE research