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Thank you to donors who supported START research on Giving Day 2022

START would like to thank the 20+ donors who helped to raise more than $2,000 for START on the University of Maryland (UMD)’s March 9 Giving Day, the annual 24-hour fundraising event in which all members of the UMD community join together to raise critical funding for the university.

The support of such donors is important in sustaining START’s ability to serve as an objective, transparent and rigorous source of knowledge on important but highly politicized security issues, further complicated by current trends of misinformation.

“Since 2004, START has endeavored to build a community of scholars and practitioners who care deeply about enhancing our responses to terrorism and other asymmetric threats through scientific study,” START Director William Braniff said. “But beyond that, we have tried to be an apolitical voice nationally and internationally on topics that can be used to manipulate peoples’ emotions. Building financial independence is one way to ensure we can play that vital role in public education, so we are grateful for this financial support.”

Those still interested in donating to START can do so at this link.