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UMD’s Undergraduate Research Day features START FIRE students

START FIRE students present risk communication and resilience work

More than 20 START students presented their research on risk communication and resilience at the April 27 Undergraduate Research Day at the University of Maryland College Park. The students, primarily UMD freshmen and sophomores, are part of the First-year Innovation and Research Experience (FIRE) Risk Communication and Resilience stream led by Dr. Brooke Liu and Dr. Michael Egnoto.

During the expo, which was sponsored by Maryland’s Center for Undergraduate Research, the students presented five posters on topics ranging from social and traditional media use in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, tracing Islamophobia online in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, terrorist weapons smuggling, online radicalization identification in social media, and evaluating social media use surrounding the attacks in Brussels.

START’s FIRE research posters were among the more than 100 posters presented by UMD students from the Honors College and other advanced research labs. The event was attended by students, administrators and faculty from around the university community.

“The Undergraduate Research Day was a wonderful experience -- organized, precise and representative of the greater mission of FIRE and START to make research accessible,” said Albert ‘Ike’ Isenhour, a FIRE RCR student. “FIRE RCR has raised the bar of professionalism and drive for excellence in my personal life, and given me new skills and a drive that will benefit me in my future professional steps.”

Figure 1 Isela Hernandez and Kyle Pettine on the Brussels Terrorist Attack

Figure 2 Andrew Fukuda on the San Bernardino Attack and Resulting Islamaphobia

Figure 3 Will Columbia and Boxi Chen

Figure 4 Jenna Coster Presents on Online Radicalization

Figure 5 Kevin Tullock, Emily Hernandez-Ortiz, & Rivee Friedberg on Israeli/Palestinian Conflict