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100 Days Later: COVID-19: Implications for Managing Terrorism and Asymmetric Threats


Several months ago, START and its commercial partner, CHC Global, produced a sense-making document to think through the strategic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic 100 days after the virus appeared outside of mainland China. Shared initially with thought leaders in government, at multilaterals like the UN, and in the private sector, the recommendations found in the document remain relevant. In the document, we correctly anticipated the likelihood of compounding crises occurring during the pandemic, not realizing that in the United States the first compounding crisis would not be the approaching hurricane season, but a crisis of conscience regarding the killing of George Floyd. Given record breaking daily infection rates in the U.S., continued social upheaval over systemic racism, staggering economic losses, and the politicization of all of these issues in the run-up to the U.S. Presidential election, these compounding crises are not likely to dissipate.

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Holt, Chris, William Braniff, and Jerry Smith. 2020. "100 Days Later: COVID-19: Implications for Managing Terrorism and Asymmetric Threats." CHC Global & START (May). 

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