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2011 Research review


Since its inception in 2005, START has evolved to keep pace with the complex, ever-changing needs of the homeland security enterprise, conducting research that sheds light on the threats the nation is facing, as well as the trajectories followed by the perpetrators of those threats.

From tracking radicalization within North America, to understanding long-term health effects caused by terrorist attacks, the featured research projects provide a broad overview of policy-relevant studies conducted at START. These featured projects reflect the range of methodologies used by START researchers—from qualitative case studies to cutting-edge statistical analyses—as well as the types of original data that inform START projects, including interviews, focus groups, surveys, archival materials, primary and secondary documents and START’s own large-scale data collections on terrorist activity. The results of these studies provide a striking representation of the realities of terrorism.

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National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. 2011. "Research Review 2011." College Park, MD: START (January).

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