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Across the Divide: Reflections of a Collaborative Class on Terrorism


This paper provides some initial reflections on a collaborative online cross-cultural class on the study of terrorism as a means of contributing towards a general pedagogy of the subject. While the experiences highlighted in this paper correspond to this specific class, some general lessons may be applicable to other areas of pedagogy. In particular, this paper reflects on the added academic value of teaching terrorism as a sensitive topic in the context of cross-cultural interaction as experienced through a blended learning environment.

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Fitzgerald, James, and Anthony F. Lemieux. 2010. "Across the Divide: Reflections of a Collaborative Class on Terrorism." Enhance Learning in the Social Sciences (ELiSS) (May): 1756-1848. http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/subjects/csap/eliss/2-3-FIT…

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