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Changing Organizational Structures of Jihadist Networks in the Netherlands


This paper uses Social Network Analysis to study and compare the organizational structures and division of roles of three jihadist networks in the Netherlands. It uses unique longitudinal Dutch police data covering the 2000–2013 period. This study demonstrates how the organizational structures transform from a hierarchical cell-structure with a clear division of labor to horizontal and dense networks with less clear orientation on tasks. The core member types in the jihadist movement transform from international jihad veterans with clear leadership skills to homegrown radicals with less status and often a lack of expertise.

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de Bie, Jasper L., Christine J. de Poot, Joshua D. Freilich, and Steven M. Chermak. 2016. "Changing Organizational Structures of Jihadist Networks in the Netherlands." Social Networks 48 (October): 270-283. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378873315301404

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