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Focus Groups with Children After the World Trade Center Attacks


Focus groups with 23 New York City children examined their reactions to the September 11 terrorist attacks, their parents' reactions, and their expectations about the future. We identified an initial set of six topics; these topics were reviewed and assigned to a final set of thematic categories—understanding the events and motives, emotional responses, boredom, and coping. This final set was used to independently code the transcripts. The children reported using distraction and avoidant emotion-focused coping strategies. They were confused about some aspects of the events, but they understood the magnitude and gravity of what had occurred.

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Pfefferbaum, Betty, Carol S. North, David E. Pollio, Nancy E. Wallace, Rebecca Smith, and Haekyung Jeon-Slaughter. 2007. "Focus Groups with Children After the World Trade Center Attacks." Journal of Loss and Trauma 12 (January): 349-363. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15325020701296828?journalCod…

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