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Homegrown Terrorism: South Korea's Next Challenge against Terrorism


With over 22,000 American service members stationed in the ROK, the USFK is known more for its role as a symbol of the US commitment to the defense of the ROK against North Korean aggression than its role as a partner in the ROK’s fight against terrorism. Many who study terrorism even have the attitude, “Does Korea even have an issue with terrorism?” Perspectives as a person who has served recently in the USFK analyzing terrorism and force protection issues is that the possibility of terrorism is a reality in the ROK. This article will put forth an argument that while the ROK to date has not suffered any known incident of “homegrown” Islamic-inspired terrorism, many if not all of the necessary pre-conditions are already well established. With this awareness, the ROK must develop and implement a coherent program with two key elements: increased vigilance, and palliative outreach measures to potential malefactors, their families and, to the extent that a coherent community exists, its leaders.

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Sin, Steve S. 2009. “Homegrown Terrorism: South Korea's Next Challenge against Terrorism.” Asian Affairs 29 (January): 33-56.

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