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How the Replication Debate Applies to Terrorism Studies


The replication debate currently underway in the scientific community is as relevant to research on political violence as it is to disciplines like biology and physics. In fact, we argue that replicability issues surrounding the transparency and validity of data coding could make or break the credibility of our field and its ability to positively influence policymakers. Scholars of terrorism, for instance, should spend less time debating the definition of terrorism or leaning on expert intuitions, and more time transparently and reliably generating high-quality data.

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Henne, Peter, and Patrick James. 2013. "How the Replication Debate Applies to Terrorism Studies." Political Violence @ a Glance (December). http://politicalviolenceataglance.org/2013/12/23/how-the-replication-debate-applies-to-terrorism-studies/

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