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Ideological Victimization: Homicides Perpetrated by Far-Right Extremists


This study examines homicide victimization during acts of far-right ideologically motivated violence. Focusing on victims of extremist violence in the United States, we compare ideological homicide victims to prior homicide research to determine whether ideological victims are similar to “routine” homicide victims. In addition, ideological victims were broken into four categories to determine whether differences between these victimization groups exist. The results of the study found that ideological victimization is a unique phenomenon, as differences were found between the victims of far-right ideologically motivated homicides and prior homicide victimization research, as well as differences between distinct types of ideological victims.

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Parkin, William S., and Joshua D. Freilich, Steven M. Chermak. 2014. "Ideological Victimization: Homicides Perpetrated by Far-Right Extremists." Homicide Studies (April). http://hsx.sagepub.com/content/early/2014/04/08/1088767914529952.abstract