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Insurgencies as Networks of Event Orderings


Progress in theorizing networks and events requires formulating a greater diversity of networks and, in particular, enabling network analysis to exploit relations between events and the attributes, actions, and variables that characterize them. We advance this line of inquiry in dialogue with a recent approach to the systematic study of violent conflicts among state actors and groups of people who refuse to accept their governments’ power. One productive way to analyze an insurgency is to view it as a network of sequenced events across stages (periods) of conflict. We explore this formulation, identify limitations, and present illustrative analysis demonstrating how new and useful insights can be obtained by combining our formal approach with one grounded in the comparative analysis of case studies.

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Breiger, Ronald L. and Julia Grace Smith. 2018. "Insurgencies as Networks of Event Orderings." Sociological Theory 36 (June): 201-209. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0735275118777002

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