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Intimations of Mortality or Production Lines? The Puzzle of "Suicide Terrorism"


The argument proposed by Kruglanski, Chen, Dechesne, Fishman, and Orehek has much to commend it. It is a serious and discerning examination of a perturbing subject that is high on the national policy agenda.  The analysis is sophisticated in that does not pinpoint a single factor, such as religious doctrine, the presence of a democratic foreign occupier of a different religion, or psychopathology. The study recognizes the multifaceted complexity of causation in explaining this particular aspect of terrorism. The authors cite a typically human aspiration or drive that is taken to extremes in particularly trying circumstances.

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Crenshaw, Martha. 2009. "Intimations of Mortality or Production Lines? The Puzzle of 'Suicide Terrorism.'" Political Psychology 30 (June): 359-364. https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2009-07218-002

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