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Katrina Survivors Relocated to Oklahoma: A Tale of Two Cities


Survivors of Hurricane Katrina who had relocated to Oklahoma and demographically matched Oklahoma City controls were assessed 17.3 months post-Katrina for psychiatric diagnoses, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and perception of physical and mental health, quality of life, and disability. Hurricane-related PTSD was diagnosed in 10 of 22 (45.5%) adult survivors and three of 11 (11%) adolescent survivors assessed, compared with PTSD rates of 31% among adult direct survivors of a 1995 terrorist bombing in the Oklahoma City community 17 months after that incident.

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Tucker, Phebe, Betty Pfefferbaum, Qaiser Khan, M. Jan Young, Christopher E. Aston, Janell Holmes, Kim A. Coon, and Jamie Thompson. 2008. "Katrina Survivors Relocated to Oklahoma: A Tale of Two Cities." Psychiatric Annals 38 (February): 125-133. http://www.healio.com/journals/psycann/%7B27c6960e-7ec6-42cd-80e6-d19ff…

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