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The Lessons of 20 Years of Counterinsurgency Research


The Congressional Research Service’s November 2022 report to Congress on the implications of great power competition for US defense policy emphasizes greater focus on strengthening US high-end conventional capabilities to counter Russia and China. The final section of the report briefly notes the need to meet the challenge of hybrid warfare, which includes, among other issues, addressing Russia’s use of proxy forces in several countries. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have come to an end, it is tempting to put counterinsurgency on the backburner. Yet with China and Russia’s history of supporting insurgents or governments embroiled in civil wars, the United States may well once again find itself in a position where it has to confront proxy forces. Counterinsurgency, therefore, remains a vital aspect of great power competition.

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Radziszewski, Elizabeth. 2023. “The lessons of 20 years of counterinsurgency research.” Irregular Warfare Initiative. https://irregularwarfare.org/articles/the-lessons-of-20-years-of-counterinsurgency-research/

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