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The Paris Fidayin Attacks: Eight Years in the Making?


Since at least 2007, the probability of a kinetic, multi-phased, small cadre attack against a major Western metropolis has crystallized. Friday night's events in Paris -- a smacking sequel to the Charlie Hebdo massacre of January 2015 -- are potentially the realization of years of covert evolution. The genes of this evolution, known as fidayin tactics, were once claimed by a Pakistani Taliban spokesman to make the mujahidin “invincible.” At least in terms of their preparation and execution, fidayin attacks are acute knife-blows to the underbelly of liberal societies. Yet, it is premature to suppose that these attacks cannot be prevented or broken up. According to research as yet unpublished by this author, Western governments and publics may have had at least eight years to witness this leap in jihadist capabilities.

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Tinsley, Herbert. 2015. "The Paris Fidayin Attacks: Eight Years in the Making?" START (November). https://www.start.umd.edu/news/paris-fidayin-attacks-eight-years-making

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