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Patterns of Fatal Extreme-Right Crime in the United States


This article examines ideologically motivated extreme-right fatal attacks in the United States since 1990. Aligning with this Special Issue’s theme, our discussion centers exclusively on the unique threats posed by the extreme-right. We first define the American extreme-right movement and provide a brief review of the major data sources that are available to study extreme-right violence in the U.S. Subsequently, we review the growing number of studies that provide spatial, temporal, and other findings on the incident, offender, and victim levels for ideologically motivated extreme-right homicides. We conclude by outlining the implications of our findings and note directions for future research.

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Freilich, Joshua D., Steven M. Chermak, Jeff Gruenewald, William S. Parkin, and Brent R. Klein. 2018. "Patterns of Fatal Extreme-Right Crime in the United States." Perspectives on Terrorism 12 (December): 38-51.  https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/binaries/content/assets/customsites/perspectives-on-terrorism/2018/issue-6/a3-freilich-et-al.pdf