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Peace and Conflict 2010


Peace and Conflict is a biennial publication that provides key data and documents trends in national and international conflicts ranging from isolated acts of terrorism to internal civil strife to full-fledged intercountry war. A major trend it tracks is the incidence of wars beyond the protracted conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For 2010, Peace and Conflict adds a new regular feature—"Trends in Global Terrorism"—and focuses on the theme of "Challenges of Post-Conflict Transitions." It covers special topics including women and post-conflict settings, and truth commissions and tribunals.

Peace and Conflict is a large format, full-color reference including numerous graphs, tables, maps, and appendices dedicated to the visual presentation of data. Crisp narratives are highlighted with pull-quote extracts that summarize trends and major findings such as the continuing increase in high casualty terrorist acts and the likelihood of genocide risk in certain areas.

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Hewitt, Joseph, and Jon Wilkenfeld, Ted Gurr. 2009. Peace and Conflict 2010. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers. https://cidcm.umd.edu/publications/peace-and-conflict-2010