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Peace and Conflict 2014


Peace and Conflict is a biennial publication that provides cutting-edge data and analysis concerning domestic and international conflicts and corresponding peacebuilding activities. Regular features of the book include chapters that forecast the future risks of political and social instability, as well as report trends and patterns in conflict, democratization, and terrorism. The special theme of the 2014 edition is the trend toward focusing on the micro level in the study of conflict and peacebuilding. Chapters addressing this theme examine the finely grained relationships observed below the level of nation-states, with attention to key topics such as ethnicity, climate, foreign aid, sexual violence, mass atrocities, and humanitarian and reconstruction responses.

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Backer, David A., Jonathan Wilkenfeld, and Paul K. Huth. Peace and Conflict 2014. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers. https://cidcm.umd.edu/publications/peace-and-conflict-2014

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