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Political Demography of Conflict in Mali


This study examines the relationship between confict and demographic trends in Mali – notably fertility, mortality, and migration. Mali’s demographics are similar to those in neighbouring Niger, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, and refect broader trends across Sub-Saharan Africa: rapid population growth, high fertility rates, poor government services and a surging urban, unemployed youth population. Those aggregate factors may put a country at greater risk of confict, but, contrary to expectations, they do not actually offer a causal explanation for the confict in Mali.

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Leuprecht, Christian and Philippe Roseberry. 2018. "Political Demography of Conflict in Mali." FrancoPaix Center for Conflict Resolution and Peace Missions (June). https://dandurand.uqam.ca/publication/political-demography-of-conflict-in-mali/

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