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A consortium of researchers dedicated to improving the understanding of the human causes and consequences of terrorism

Sub-Saharan Africa

Project Title Sort descending Publication Date Publication Type
A Study of Selected Ethnic Affiliations in the Development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Psychopathology After a Terrorist Bombing in Nairobi, Kenya 2017-09-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Boko Haram Recent Attacks 2014-05-01T12:00:00 Background Report
Boko Haram: An Assessment of Strengths, Vulnerabilities, and Policy Options 2015-01-01T12:00:00 START Reports
Crisis managers but not conflict resolvers: Mediating ethnic intrastate conflict in Africa 2013-07-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Introducing the Nonviolent Action in Violent Contexts (NVAVC) dataset 2019-01-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Networks as strategic repertoires: Functional differentiation among Al-Shabaab terror cells 2013-05-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Political Demography of Conflict in Mali 2018-06-01T12:00:00 Report
Private Military Companies, Opportunities, and Termination of Civil Wars in Africa 2013-10-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Rethinking Transnational Terrorism: An Integrated Approach 2020-02-01T12:00:00 Report
South Africa's Project Coast: "Death Squads," Covert State-Sponsored Poisonings, and the Dangers of CBW Proliferation 2006-01-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Statistical Analysis of Event Data Concerning Boko Haram in Nigeria (2009-2013) 2015-01-01T12:00:00 START Reports
Street-level Repression: Protest, Policing, and Dissent in Uganda 2020-07-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Surveying the Literature on Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency, and Countering Violent Extremism: A Summary Report with a Focus on Africa 2015-01-01T12:00:00 START Reports
Terrorism in Mali 2015-11-01T12:00:00 Fact Sheet
The Relationship between Maternal Psychopathology and Parental Perceptions of Their Children’s Reactions in Survivors of the 1998 US Embassy Bombing in Nairobi, Kenya 2019-11-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
The Transnational Security Threat from D-Company 2015-01-01T12:00:00 Book Chapter
Trauma, Grief, and Depression in Nairobi Children After the 1998 Bombing of the American Embassy 2006-07-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Using Google and Twitter to Measure, Validate and Understand Views about Religion across Africa 2019-06-01T12:00:00 Journal Article
Title Sort descending Job Title Institution
person-default Amanda Quinn Faculty Research Assistant, GTD University of Maryland
Amy Pate Amy Pate START Acting Director University of Maryland
Elizabeth Elizabeth Radziszewski Associate Research Scientist, START University of Maryland
Crenshaw Martha Martha Crenshaw Researcher, Political Science/International Relations Stanford University
person-default Nathan Meehan Director of Research and Development, Second Sight Training Systems, LLC Second Sight Training Systems, LLC
Salma_Bouziani Salma Bouziani Project Manager/Researcher, START University of Maryland
Stevan_Weine Stevan Weine Professor of Psychiatry University of Illinois at Chicago