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Preparing for the Worst: Public Perceptions of Risk Management Innovations


Scholars often call for research on the public’s involvement in crisis and risk mitigation. Yet, before the public can be persuaded to become involved in new mitigation initiatives, risk managers must first understand how members of the public perceive such initiatives. Grounded in diffusion of innovation (DOI) theory, this study presents insights from 70 adult residents of a US urban metro area through focus group research. Findings yield insights about public perceptions of risk management innovations including that ‘greater good’ incentives can motivate interest in innovations (more so than financial incentives), thereby extending DOI theory. In addition, participants suggested mechanisms for facilitating government transparency to encourage program participation, along with additional insights about involving the public in government-sponsored risk management innovations.

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Liu, Brooke Fisher, Holly Roberts, Elizabeth L. Petrun Sayers, Gary Ackerman, Daniel Smith and Irina Iles. 2016. "Preparing for the Worst: Public Perceptions of Risk Management Innovations." Journal of Risk Research (March): 1-24. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13669877.2016.1153508

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