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RCPGP Warning System Integration Research Project Final Report

Seventy telephone interviews were conducted between April and November 2010 with police, fire, and emergency management officials in cities and counties within in three Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grants Program (RCPGP) sites: Los Angeles, National Capitol Region, and New York. These interviews provided information about the large-scale disaster plans, communication practices, and perceptions of public warning officials within these sites. This report presents the major themes and findings as they compare to scientifically grounded best practices.

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Bean, Hamilton, and Dennis Mileti. 2010. "RCPGP Warning System Integration Research Project Final Report." START, College Park, MD. (November) http://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/START_RCPGPWarningSystemIntegrationResearchProject_Nov2010.pdf.

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