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Rehabilitation of Jihadi Terrorists: Current Understanding and Perspectives


At this moment, somewhere within the vast Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a young Muslim is thinking about what to expect in his art therapy class tomorrow. Last week, he may have been playing volleyball with fellow Muslims, spoken with counsellors about his religious beliefs, or engaged in debates with Islamic scholars, all in the rooms adjacent to where he will learn to communicate his feelings through artistic expression, perhaps after he tries his hand at painting to express his inner rage and frustration, he will request to call his family to let them know how he is progressing. He will think about how much longer he will be required to stay at the facility at which he is housed, and maybe he will consider himself lucky that he was not simply tossed in jail for what he had done.

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Braddock, Kurt. 2020. "Rehabilitation of Jihadi Terrorists: Current Understanding and Perspectives." In The Handbook of Collective Violence: Current Developments and Understanding, eds. Carol A. Ireland, Michael Lewis, Anthony Lopez, and Jane L. Ireland. New York: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/The-Handbook-of-Collective-Violence-Current-Developments-and-Understanding/Ireland-Lewis-Lopez-Ireland/p/book/9780367186548

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