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Religion and Politics in the Developing World: Explosive Interactions


What is the relationship between religion and politics? How are they associated in the developing world? When does the interface between them result in violence? This volume attempts to answer these questions. In particular, the objective is to understand the circumstances that lead to explosive interactions between religion and politics in the developing world. However, this focus does not imply a perpetual tension between the religious and political spheres. Rather, it explores those historical moments when the relationship does break down and often ends in violent conflicts. The contributors have expertise in fields such as anthropology, history and political science.

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Mainuddin, Rolin G. 2002. Religion and Politics in the Developing World: Explosive Interactions. New York, NY: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/Religion-and-Politics-in-the-Developing-World-Explosive-Interactions/Mainuddin/p/book/9781138727229

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