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Resilient American Communities: Progress in Practice and Policy


The purpose of this meeting was to apply state-of-the-art knowledge of resilience to the design of federal policies that will strengthen local communities and their environments to withstand disasters, epidemics, and terrorism. To that end, there were 2 primary objectives: (1) discuss steps that improve community resilience to extreme events, based upon evidence from the field; and, (2) identify ways in which the U.S. federal government can best support localities and regions in implementing these measures. Such actions include: anticipating hazards in the design of safer hometowns; strengthening partnerships among the government, the private sector and community organizations; engaging citizens in policy decisions about their health and safety; and ensuring adequate protections for vulnerable populations.

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Schoch-Spana, Monica. 2010. "Resilient American Communities: Progress in Practice and Policy." Biosecurity and Bioterrorism 8 (March): 97-98. http://www.liebertonline.com/toc/bsp/8/1

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