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Surveying CVE Metrics in Prevention, Disengagement and De-Radicalization Programs


The purpose of this working paper is to survey the literature on evaluation metrics used in research studies addressing countering violent extremism (CVE).  We reviewed forty-three studies published in peer-reviewed academic journals or published books that included qualitative or quantitative empirical assessments of CVE programs.  We augmented this survey with information gleaned from sixty-four additional sources, including book chapters, journal articles, public government reports as well as published papers from think tanks and nongovernmental organizations.  As policymakers direct more efforts at CVE program evaluation, we hope this review will advance the CVE evaluation discussion by contextualizing what already exists in the field and by highlighting areas where future efforts might be productively directed.

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Mastroe, Caitlin, and Susan Szmania. “Surveying CVE Metrics in Prevention, Disengagement and De-Radicalization Programs,” Report to the Office of University Programs, Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security. College Park, MD: START, 2016. http://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/START_SurveyingCVEMetrics_March2016.pdf

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