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Transcending Organization: Individuals and “The Islamic State”


The innovative ways that foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq are leveraging social media and mobile apps to recruit aspirational supporters in the West reveal what is actually a paradigm shift occurring within the global jihadist movement, away from the organization-centric model advanced by Al-Qaida, to a movement unhindered by organizational structures. Counterterrorism policy and practice must rethink the way it approaches countering online radicalization. 

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Brachman, Jarret. 2014. "Transcending Organization: Individuals and 'The Islamic State.'" START Analytical Brief. College Park, Maryland. June. http://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/START_TranscendingOrganizationIndividualsandtheIslamicState_AnalyticalBrief_June2014.pdf

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