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U.S. Military Training Assistance to Ukraine


The focus and contribution of this study is assessing the different types of military training provided by various branches of the U.S. armed forces through different phases of the war in Ukraine over the course of 2022. Due to the significant cumulative impact of training assistance, a relatively more detailed analysis is provided on the historical patterns of U.S. training assistance to Ukraine and the 2022 phase immediately antecedent to the war. Since Russia’s launch of a conventional war against Ukraine in February 2022, the key developments, in terms of U.S. forces and volunteers (re)organizing to provide training to the Ukrainians, are traced during the early stages of the war: (1) initial battles countering Russia’s invasion over February and March, and (2) Ukraine’s sustained resistance and the arrival of more Western aid over March and April. Starting with the summer of 2022, few new conceptual developments were seen in the provision of training. The study subsequently assesses the impact of training ranging from tactical, to Resistance Operating Concept (ROC), to arms operator training.

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Murauskaite, Egle E. 2023. "U.S. Military Training Assistance to Ukraine: Impact Assessment." Western Tools Short of War: Impact Assessment of Selected Use Cases in Ukraine (February).

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