Failure Points in Smuggling Networks

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In order to better inform counter-smuggling efforts, the Failure Points in Smuggling Networks Project will systematically collect and analyze historical information of past interdiction efforts that have resulted in the dismantling of smuggling/trafficking (ST) networks.  The project will outline key factors and trends about how ST networks fail, and identify opportunities where interdiction efforts are most likely to yield positive results.  This project will examine the detection/law enforcement environment, the strategic behavior and multiplex relationships of actors within these networks, and the network structure itself over time to understand their complex interconnected nature and to identify potential detection/interdiction opportunities. This assessment will focus on illicit radiological/nuclear (RN) networks; however, to better inform the understanding of these networks, it will include smuggling networks from three additional domains: narcotics, human trafficking, and other (arms, wildlife, or illicit antiquities).  The overall aim of the project is to strengthen the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA) with strategic information for future enhancement in its detection capabilities.


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