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Call for papers for a special issue of Terrorism and Political Violence on "Criminological approaches to the study of terrorism"

While criminologists have become far more engaged in the study of terrorism in recent decades, criminological research on terrorism remains under theorized. A review of criminology and criminal justice research on terrorism reveals very few articles that advance and test influential criminological theories. This is surprising given the increased social science focus on terrorism and the fact that the subject matter stands clearly within the domain of criminology.

In this special issue of Terrorism and Political Violence, we propose a direct focus on "Criminological approaches to the study of terrorism."

We are seeking articles that help us understand terrorism by applying, conceptually extending, or empirically testing criminological theories, including control, critical, neo-classical, learning, anomie/strain, disorganization, cultural and situational approaches. We are looking for original contributions from scholars from any of the social and behavioral sciences as long as their efforts are aimed at applying criminological theories to help explain the causes and consequences of terrorism.

Manuscripts are due by July 1, 2013. Submitted MSs will be sent to 2-3 scholars with expertise in the area. The guest editors will also provide feedback. In consultation with TPV's editorial board decisions on each MS will be made (reject, R/R, or accept with revisions). Authors will receive the reviews and the editorial decision by October 1, 2013. Authors receiving revise and resubmits will submit revised papers by January 15, 2014.

Revised manuscripts will be sent back out to reviewers and reviewers will submit their decisions to us on May 31, 2014. Final decisions will be made by the guest editors in consultations with TPV's editorial board in June 2014. Authors of accepted paper will have until August 1, 2014 to address final reviewer comments and submit final drafts. We anticipate submitting the entire volume and placing it in the publication queue by September 15, 2014 and for the special issue to be published in early 2015.

Questions and manuscripts should be directed to joshua.d.freilich@gmail.com and garylafree@gmail.com.


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