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Call for Posters: Emergency Pre-Event Communication

Terrorist Threat to Sunny City! NCA‐F/START Conference on Emergency Pre‐Event Communication* National Communication Association (NCA) San Diego Convention Thursday, November 20, 2008 This day‐long NCA pre‐conference, which concerns communication dilemmas in advance of a real or perceived terrorist threat, seeks research posters related to our conference theme.

Conference sessions will address (1) how communication needs in anticipation of terrorist threats compare with those for natural disasters; (2) how the press and public officials can best communicate news of allegedly foiled threats to their publics; (3) the problems various stakeholders confront in communicating about imminent attacks; and (4) to what extent publics can be made a part of the pre‐event planning and problem‐solving process. The conference organizers welcome critical, case study, and empirical research methods. They are soliciting posters in areas including but not limited to:

  • Threat construction and mitigation
  • Emergency risk communication, terrorist risk perception
  • Pre‐event emergency and civil defense planning
  • Terrorism and natural disasters communication research
  • Public and elite perception of novel terrorist threats including WMD, cyber‐ and bioterrorism

*This event is sponsored by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism & Responses to Terrorism (START) and the National Communication Association‐Forum (NCA‐F, see NCA at www.natcom.org)

See the Call for Posters for deadlines, registration, and more information.