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COVID-19 affecting Bridgewater College student internships

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division continues to adapt to changes

Bridgewater, Va. – The current Coronavirus pandemic has prevented many upperclassmen students from getting involved in internships and experiences that could help them jump start their careers. 

However, some students have been able to find programs and companies that are willing to work around the pandemic restrictions and find ways to keep interested students involved. 

Associate Professor of Sociology Harriett Hayes, who is head of the humanities and social sciences division, has found that some of her students have discovered internship opportunities that are trying to be creative and looking for ways to stay connected.

Bridgewater College senior history and political science major Annabell Knapp is currently completing a remote internship with the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism. 

If it was not for the Coronavirus, Knapp would be working in an office based out of the University of Maryland.

Knapp expressed that there are a few challenges that she has faced from working remotely. However, it all has worked out, and she feels that she is gaining the same necessary skills that she would if she was working in-person.

While completing a remote internship, Knapp suggests that it is important “to be flexible and to be able to communicate well through technology,” as it can be difficult to schedule and stay connected with the other interns. 

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