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Iconic website gets a refresh

START’s ICONS team revamps website to improve user experience and highlight unique capabilities

The ICONS team recently overhauled its website to better serve students, teachers, policymakers and business leaders who turn to ICONS to strengthen their ability to make decisions, navigate crises, think strategically and negotiate collaboratively.Screenshot of the ICONS website

 “We have a very diverse group of audiences, so we want to make it easier for people to ‘find themselves’ quickly while exploring our website,” said Alexis Li, the simulation coordinator for ICONS.

Drawing visual inspiration from START’s site, the new ICONS site boasts a more robust homepage and content that demonstrates the value of its unique participant-driven simulations.

“People across a number of sectors and fields turn to ICONS for our simulation expertise. Our new website aims to provide a unified presence for sharing about our work and our broad range of capabilities, while still allowing visitors to easily see exactly what we offer to meet their needs,” said Audrey Tetteh, the associate director for ICONS.

For instance, visitors from government agencies can explore the Government section with pages highlighting ICONS’ training, wargaming, crisis management, and scenario planning capabilities.  At the same time, educators can access the Education section with a catalog of 21 available classroom simulations, as well as a series of pages that demonstrate how ICONS simulations can contribute to a student’s learning experience.

The site also includes specialized sections for individuals from the private sector and NGOs, as well as a closer look at the research conducted by the ICONS team.