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START adds two new training options to growing catalogue

Over the course of the last few years START has been incrementally adding to our ever growing list of training options (http://www.start.umd.edu/training). START’s training content draws on empirical research undertaken on the topics covered and features input from leading experts in various related fields of research and practice. Through START’s trainings, START improves participant knowledge using factual baselines and proven methodologies while building new skills to support the integration of research into policy and practice.

In addition to in-person and customer training options, START currently has six self-paced online offerings that allow learners to complete content in their own time in a flexible manner, perfect for working professionals. Many of these courses are FEMA-certified and approved. Pricing varies, though many of our online options are available at no cost to the learner.

Why choose START for your training needs?

Knowing which training to trust can be difficult when dealing with highly politicized and challenging subject matter. Over the past decade START has become a trusted source for empirical research and high quality training and educational opportunities. This together with our close relationships with CVE practitioners has converged to create pragmatic training products that will help individuals and organizations engage with this subject matter with confidence.

Recent additions and highlights

Countering Violent Extremist Narratives  

Developed with FEMA support and FEMA certified, this course aims to help participants describe violent extremism and countering violent extremism; explain the role of narratives in violent extremism and countering violent extremism; identify key violent narratives and alternative narratives associated with Homegrown Violent Extremists, Violent White Supremacist Extremists, Violent Militia Extremists, Violent Sovereign Citizen Extremists and Anti-Abortion Extremists; and, identify and understand field principles for developing and delivering counter-narrative and alternative narrative content for countering violent extremism at the local level.

Offered online in a self-paced format this course comprises of approximately 3.5 hours of instruction and is currently free for learners. The course content is intended for “community builders” who are members of a community who take action to enhance community well-being and resilience, usually in partnership with other community builders. This could include but is not limited to social workers, educators, mental health professionals, local activists/advocates, and faith-based workers as well as school resource officers and community outreach specialists.

Integrating Mental Health and Education Approaches into Countering Violent Extremism

Integrating Mental Health and Education Approaches into CVE is a 2.75-hour self-paced online course designed with mental health and education professionals in mind. The course provides instruction on how educators and mental health professionals may collaboratively address the multidimensional needs of individuals and communities contending with violent extremism. Learners completing this course will be able to identify areas of actual and potential synergy between the field of CVE and the fields of mental health and education. This courses has received excellent feedback from learners, with one learner noting “"[The] course was very informative and gave great ideas and practices." Integrating Mental Health and Education Approaches into CVE was developed with support from FEMA and is FEMA certified.

Community-led Action in Response to Violent Extremism (CARVE)  

CARVE is a self-paced, online, interactive course. This four-hour course aims to increase public awareness of the mechanisms by which individuals and groups radicalize to violence, and promote community engagement in prevention efforts. It provides community-focused, rigorously researched, and academically-informed instruction on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). CARVE was developed with input from a wide range of subject matter experts including leading social science researchers, experienced law enforcement personnel, and trusted community leaders. As such, this training would be beneficial to a wide range of learners ranging from law enforcement to community leaders, and educators and trainers. 96% of learners to have completed the training so far reported that they would recommend it to a colleague. CARVE was developed with support from FEMA and is FEMA certified.

CARVE will be available at no cost to the learner through March 2019, so those interested in this offering are encouraged to enroll while registration is free!