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START and CHC Global to speak at IFTRIP LIVESTREAM 2020

On October 13, 14 and 15, the International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP) will hold its annual conference online, with the focus being on “Defining Terrorism.” CHC logo and START logo
IFTRIP LIVESTREAM will host experts from terrorism reinsurance pools, industry experts and the wider counterterrorism community to discuss various themes in the fields of counterterrorism, security, risk and (re)insurance. 
From START, Director William Braniff will be presenting on “Systemic Risks,” and Global Terrorism Database (GTD) Program Manager Erin Miller will be presenting on “Modelling Catastrophes.”
In his recorded presentation, Braniff will explore what lessons organizations should learn from the pandemic to ensure that future risks are managed more effectively.
“Covid-19 has laid bare some stark realities that require honest risk assessment, a greater investment in resilience to inevitable perils and a more sophisticated plan to influence the human behaviors that can mitigate damage during a prolonged crisis,” Braniff said. “The private sector can and must play a critical role in these strategic imperatives, and START and CHC Global are excited to deepen our partnerships within the IFTRIP community to help achieve them.”
Miller will present on next steps to improving an understanding of the complexity of terrorist attacks, and enhancing and improving the user experience of the GTD, which has been the gold standard data source for terrorism modelling for over a decade.
CEO Chris Holt and Senior Partner Jerry Smith from START partner CHC Global will present on “Insuring Hostile Cyber Activity” and “Emerging Threats.”
These presentations will explore what cyber product innovation is possible to provide clients with effective risk transfer options, and potential CBRN threats that should be considered for the future.
Those who are working in, or advising on terrorism (re) insurance and risk and are interested in attending the event can register at this link