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START Announces 2007-08 Fellowship Awards

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) today announced the recipients of their 2007-2008 fellowship awards. Fellows are actively engaged in critical research related to the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism--consistent with the mission of START. Each fellow receives $4,000 to enhance his/her START research and professional development, as well as funds to attend the 2007 and 2008 START Annual Meetings in College Park, MD. After a rigorous and competitive selection process, START has selected 15 fellows for the 2007-2008 academic year. Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Bidisha Biswas, Western Washington University, "Transnational Cooperation in Counterterrorism: Understanding the Challenges and the Opportunities"
  • Erica Chenowith, Harvard University, "Democratic Pieces: The Inadvertent Effects of Democracy on Terrorist Group Formation"
  • Anthony Lemieux, SUNY Purchase, "Identifying Key Predictors of Support for Terrorism and of Direct Terrorist Actions"
  • Jeffrey Lewis, Ohio State University, "Precision Terror: Suicide Bombing as Control Technology"
  • Stephen Shellman, University of Georgia, "Relationships between Governments and Dissident Leaders"

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

  • Mounah Abdel-Samad, University at Albany, SUNY, "Appeasing Extremists through Political Inclusion: A Comparison of Governmental Approaches toward Islamic Extremists in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria"
  • Rebecca Carter, University of Michigan, "Religion in the Lived Experience of Disasters"
  • David Caspi, CUNY John Jay College, "Using Affiliation Network Analysis to Assess Structures and Links Among White Supremacist Organizations and the Individuals Associated with these Organizations"
  • Michael Dunaway, George Washington University, "Building Community Resilience: Business Perspectives on Emergency Preparedness, Business Continuity, and Infrastructure Protection at the Local Level"
  • Natasha Fedotova, University of Pennsylvania, "Perceptions of Social Groups: How Lay Persons Attribute Characteristics that Differentiate Social Groups to an Underlying, Immutable Cause"
  • Albert Gamarra, CUNY John Jay College, "Role of Military Service for Individuals Participating in Far Right Wing Criminal Activities"
  • Jeffrey Gruenwald, Michigan State University, "Extremist Homicide in the United States: A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right, Bias, and Non-Ideological Homicide"
  • Matthew Hidek, Syracuse University, "Cultures of Security: Military Tactics and City Planning in Lower Manhattan Since 11 September 2001"
  • Stephanie Kaplan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Effects of War on Trajectory of Terrorist Movements"
  • John Sawyer, Georgetown University, "How Men Rebel: The Decision-Making of Violent Political Organizations"