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START collaborators contribute to important CVE work

START researchers were among a group of international scholars and practitioners to contribute to a volume of papers on “Countering Violent Extremism: Developing an Evidence-base for Policy and Practice,” recently released by Hedayah, the COVER Program at Curtin University and People against Violent Extremism (PaVE).

The volume of papers aims to assess the local factors leading to radicalization and recruitment; offer ways to counter narratives of violent extremists; understand the dynamics of disengagement, deradicalization and reintegration; and promote community involvement in CVE. 

Papers by researchers who have collaborated with START include::

  • Western European Foreign Fighters in Syria: An overview by Peter Neumann
  • Challenging the Narrative of the “Islamic State” by Alex Schmid
  • Research Summary: Lessons from a U.S. Study Revealing the Critical Role of “Gatekeepers” by Michael Williams, John Horgan and William Evans
  • Developing CVE Programs through Building Community Policing Capacities by Stevan Weine and Ahmed Younis

To read the full volume and the papers listed, visit http://www.hedayah.ae/pdf/cve-edited-volume.pdf.