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START Headquarters is relocating

New facilities allow for growth, collaboration

After eight years in Symons Hall, START Headquarters will move this winter to offices on the second floor of the University of Maryland's Route 1 Annex, adjacent to campus at 8400 Baltimore Avenue.

The new facilities will give START 40 percent more space with room to expand and a greater ability to host events. Located close to student housing and parking, as well as campus shuttles and public bus routes, the new offices will help make START more accessible to student interns and visitors alike.

START's new offices will also allow the organization to continue to grow, to accommodate its competitive internship program and create a collaborative environment consistent with its organizational ethos. The move is scheduled for mid-January, pending minor refurbishment to the office space.

The new location can be found by searching for building #E8400 in the search tab of the university's online map: http://terpnav.cs.umd.edu/map/.