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Terp Magazine: Terp Magazine distinguishes START research and researchers

In Terp Magazine, the University of Maryland's magazine, three articles feature START and START researchers. The first, "Interview with a Terrorist," (pg. 13) discusses START researchers and UMD psychology professors, Arie Kruglanski and Michele Gelfand, and their project examining ways to prevent radicalization in youth. Taking advantage of connections made through START, they will interview leaders of terrorist groups, detainees accused of horrific acts and youth and other community members in politically unstable areas. Both are quoted throughout the article. The second piece, "Hacker Trackers," (pg. 28) features Michel Cukier and David Maimon whose projects focus on cyber terrorism and avoiding hackers, drawing from both psychology and engineering. Finally, in a column by University's President Wallace Loh, "Fearlessly Supporting Entrepreneurship," (pg. 36) he distinguishes START for serving as an educational center of excellence and providing job experience, skills and opportunities to students. View the Terp Magazine