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START launches Terrorism 360 podcast

START has launched a new podcast series, Terrorism 360 (go.umd.edu/t360), which features interviews with leading experts on terrorism offering their insights on the threat of terrorism and the effectiveness of counterterrorism policy, as well as recommendations for policymakers. Created and hosted by START Founding Director Gary LaFree, #Terrorism360 aims to inform its listeners of the complexities surrounding the study of terrorism and argues that sensible policy on terrorism requires an objective, science-based approach, as well as a wide variety of perspectives.

The 14 episode first season, released weekly, features researchers who have contributed directly to scholarship on terrorism and hold diverse opinions. Some of these experts feel that worldwide responses to terrorism have not been strong enough—others feel that they have been far too strong. Some feel that the threat of terrorism is increasing—others that it is diminishing. Listen now at go.umd.edu/t360