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START's Clark McCauley to Serve as Editor of New Journal on Asymmetric Conflict

START investigator and Bryn Mawr College social psychologist Clark R. McCauley will serve as the inaugural editor of a new journal entitled Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. This journal will be published by Routledge beginning in 2008 and aims to present interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and ameliorating conflicts between states and non-state challengers.

As noted by McCauley, "These conflicts too often lead to violence, sometimes to the extremes of terrorism or genocide. Understanding the trajectory to violence requires examination of conflicts that do not escalate to violence as well as those that do.  This means studying individuals, groups, and movements who challenge the state without violence, as well as those who turn to radicalism and terrorism. Similarly, it is necessary to study state agents, agencies, and policy makers who respond to challenge without violence, as well as those who turn to torture, ethnic cleansing and genocide."

Social science scholars, as well as relevant analysts and practitioners from governmental agencies and from non-governmental organizations, are invited to submit original research for review by the Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict editorial board.

Additional information about the submission process is available via the journal's website.