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TRACC off to a strong START

On June 20th and 21st, START held its first of two Training in Risk and Crisis Communication (TRACC) training sessions being offered this summer. Twenty professionals and graduate students representing several different countries were in attendance.

One student participant, Alex Dunaeff, from Australia, said, “I greatly enjoyed the TRACC simulation. It was really great to get a U.S. perspective and learn how their law enforcement and agencies operate when compared to Australia. It was very helpful for my future career.”

These trainings, put together by START’s risk communication and training teams, are the first of their kind to be held at START. They feature interactive group work and classroom-style learning in addition to a crisis simulation exercise and live engagement through SMS polling.

“I could not have imagined out first event hosted here at START going any more smoothly,” said Training Manager Liberty Day “we are so pleased with how well it went and are looking forward to the July trainings.”

The TRACC curriculum covers risk communication during the entire life-cycle of a crisis including preparation, response and recovery. The program aims to improve community resilience (ability to better recover from disasters) through effective practitioner training.

To register for the final round of TRACC trainings, set to take place on July 18th and 19th, click here and register through Eventbrite (professional attendees) or Testudo (students).