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UMD president chairs inaugural DHS Academic Advisory Panel

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh chaired the inaugural meeting of the new DHS Homeland Security Academic Advisory Committee (HSAAC) this week. Among the topics covered at the meeting: international students and campus "resiliency" - the ability of a community to respond, withstand and recover from serious situations. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano created the advisory panel earlier this month and asked Loh to chair the body.

"We will endeavor to give our best advice and recommendations to DHS on issues related to homeland security and the academic community," Loh said.

The committee is intended to provide advice and recommendations on matters relating to students and recent graduate recruitment; international students; academic research; campus and community resiliency, security and preparedness; and faculty exchanges. The panel is scheduled to meet again on July 10. For more information, visit the UMD News Desk.




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