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Your favorite START videos all in one place

START has launched its new “Multimedia Page” to catalogue video content ranging from START soundbites to training lectures. The new section of the website organizes videos by content types including: Training, News, Events and Program Overviews.

“We are always looking for new ways to share our data-driven research and expertise to better inform policymakers, practitioners and the public,” said Jessica Stark Rivinius, START’s communications director. “We have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to create informative and engaging content, so we are thrilled to have this opportunity to shine a light on this content and make it easier to access.”

START’s multimedia team includes Alexa Cottman-Robinson, Omar DeBrew, Athiyah Azeem and Zane Moses. If you have suggestions on content to appear or subjects you would like to see covered, email Rivinius at rivinius@start.umd.edu.

Visit the page at www.start.umd.edu/multimedia